Performance Insights Report: Measuring Patient Needs to Reduce Suffering
Improve Patient Engagement, Clinical Outcomes and Performance through Measuring Unmet Patient Needs

Reducing suffering by meeting patients' needs is a differentiating strategy that creates value for patients and re-engages those who provide care in the mission of health care.

Learn How Your Organization Can Reduce Suffering Using Press Ganey's Compassionate Connected Care™ Framework

  • Delineate between suffering "inherent" to disease and suffering that is "avoidable" in the health care process.
  • Categorize addressable sources of suffering into four actionable areas— Clinical Excellence, Operational Efficiency, Caring Behaviors and Culture.
  • Utilize composite score and insights into patients' unmet needs to determine where improvement must be focused.

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This paper focuses on why providers should focus on measuring what matters to patients, identifying unmet needs and improving performance to better meet those needs.
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