High Reliability: Building a Unified Framework for Excellence in Care across Safety, Quality, Experience, Engagement and Efficiency

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Recorded Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018

In high-risk industries—nuclear power, aviation and manufacturing—High Reliability principles are the established foundation for ensuring workforce performance is at the highest levels of excellence. However, the complexities and constant demands of health care can make a High Reliability approach seem overwhelming, unless you understand how to get started on the journey to becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO).

Listen to Press Ganey experts Craig Clapper, PE, CMQ/OE, and Thomas H. Lee, MD, provide an overview of High Reliability science as a framework for health care organizations. Our presenters will help you understand how to weave proven reliability principles into everything you do as your organization develops a culture of human performance and operational excellence to deliver safe, high-quality, patient centered care. They also described what it takes to get started performing at the highest standards consistently over time across safety, quality, patient experience, workforce engagement and efficiency.

After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Define High Reliability
  • Describe how High Reliability enables success for safe, high-quality, patient-centered care
  • Identify the steps to get started on the transformational journey to becoming an HRO

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