CNO Roundtable: The Emergence of Ambulatory Nursing—Empowering Top-of-Scope Practice

Webinar Available On-Demand
Recorded Wednesday, January 30

As the demand for ambulatory care services significantly increases, so too does the need for nurses to act as leaders, coordinators and providers of patient care. Nurses working in the ambulatory care setting must be recognized and supported as leaders in the transformation of care delivery. Empowering and engaging ambulatory care nurses can contribute to the delivery of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care across the care continuum.

Watch our CNO Roundtable webinar, The Emergence of Ambulatory Nursing—Empowering Top-of-Scope Practice. Rachel Start, director of ambulatory nurses and nursing practice at Rush Oak Park Hospital, discussed how leveraging the role of nurses and focusing on effective nursing performance improvement strategies in the ambulatory care setting is a key strategic approach to achieving clinical excellence.

The ambulatory care environment is unique in several ways. By listening to this session, you will
  • Understand the critical role that nurses and nurse leaders play in this setting;
  • Learn how to leverage nurse-sensitive indicators to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality care; and
  • Gain insight into ways to empower your nursing workforce through key performance improvement initiatives.

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