On-Demand Webinar: 

Prepare for 2015 PQRS, ACO, and Outpatient Surgery CAHPS Requirements 

Recorded on February 10, 2015


Jodie Cunningham, VP Regulatory Reporting & Policy at Press Ganey

Allyson Weaver Bunker, Director of Medical & Ambulatory Services at Press Ganey

The rapid pace of transition from volume to value-based delivery and reimbursement is the ultimate driver of changing market dynamics. 2015 will bring changes and new requirements for ACO and PQRS CAHPS. New Hospice CAHPS requirements start in Q1 2015, and upcoming OS CAHPS, ED CAHPS and Child HCAHPS requirements are on the horizon.

Press Ganey is committed to work together with you on these important CAHPS initiatives. During this presentation, Jodie Cunningham-VP Regulatory Reporting & Policy, and Allyson Weaver Bunker- Director of Medical & Ambulatory Services, deliver timely regulatory insights to help you prepare for and drive targeted performance improvement in advance of upcoming CAHPS programs. 

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