On-Demand Webinar:

Partnership For Transparency

Recorded On: Monday, June 29, 2015


Dr. Thomas H. Lee, Chief Medical Officer

Patti Cmielewski, Chief Marketing Officer

Patty Riskind, Chief Client Experience Officer of Press Ganey

The push for transparency is one of the most transformative movements in health care. Through a clear and objective presentation of performance data, transparency empowers patients to be active, informed participants in their care, promotes physician engagement and creates a bond of trust between provider and community. Ultimately, a successful transparency program will transform the relationships between your system, clinicians and patients – to build brand loyalty, integrity and market share.

Watch this webinar to hear Dr. Thomas H. Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Patty Riskind, Chief Client Experience Officer, and Patti Cmielewski, Chief Marketing Officer of Press Ganey, discuss the critical elements of achieving a successful, effective transparency program, including:

  • Roles of Clinical, Patient Experience and Marketing leadership in achieving an effective transparency strategy.
  • Key elements of and interdependencies between the clinical, patient experience and marketing strategies.
  • Important steps in the roadmap for adoption from preparedness to implementation.

Pioneering the transparency movement, Press Ganey continues to partner with clients across the continuum of care to advance patient-centered care through true transparency.