Putting A Face on Safety—Maintaining the Human Element When Serious Safety Events Occur
Craig Clapper, Partner, Press Ganey Consulting Services
Patrick M. Battey, CEO, Piedmont Healthcare 

Webinar Available On-Demand
Recorded Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2016

Establishing a consistent and dedicated approach to safety and high reliability is imperative in today’s health care environment. High performing organizations must acknowledge, measure and be transparent about serious safety events. It is also important to remember that every serious safety event represents a person—and a family—who have been impacted by the safety event. Illuminating the stories of the people behind each safety event with both clinicians and patients leads to increased accountability and infuses the human element that is imperative for change.

Topics covered during this webinar include:

  • How to go beyond treating serious events of harm just a number, rate or a ratio and remember that each event is an individual
  • Techniques for making harm measurement visible to team members and patients
  • Piedmont Healthcare’s approach to promoting and championing techniques that personalize safety events

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