2020 Award Winner Best Practices

Published: Tuesday, Feb.16

Each year, Press Ganey’s client awards program recognizes top-performing organizations whose strategic focus on advancing safety, workforce engagement, patient experience, and clinical excellence have helped them achieve extraordinary performance.

Our latest knowledge brief, Press Ganey 2020 Award Winner Best Practices, highlights proven strategies for achieving and sustaining success as identified by our award recipients in 2020. Our research shows that top performers take actionable steps to
  • Overcome siloed approaches to improvement and instead demonstrate more holistic, transformational methods, often by operationalizing high reliability principles,
  • Develop more integrated data strategies aligned with safety and patient experience goals, and
  • Engage physicians, nurses, staff, and patients and their families in learning systems and process improvement.
Download the report to learn the practices top-performing organizations have found to be 96% to 100% effective in optimizing each aspect of the care experience.
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